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Metallica Performing ‘One’ at 2014 Grammy Awards

Metallica Performing 'One' at 2014 Grammy AwardsJust as it was expected by many music fans all over the globe, metal legend, Metallica making their ‘come back’ performance at Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Haven’t been showing up at the award show for 22 years, those rockers provided their fans with special showcase, performing their legendary track, ‘One’ along with Chinese pianist, Lang Lang, who added a bit of that special feel into the song.

Ahead of that performance, Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich, state his excitement in getting that opportunity in rocking out again at Grammy Awards after such long absence from the awarding show. “It’s been 22 years, I do believe [since we last performed at the Grammys], so we’re excited to be back. That’s a long time to be away from anything, so we’ve got a lot of energy stored up,that we’re ready to unleash,” Ulrich stated.

The drummer himself is also pleased with the chance in doing a special collaboration with Lang Lang, as it was an exciting and excellent combination. Ulrich  shared his praises for the Chinese musician, who showed strong showmanship, dynamism and talent. “He’s a very talented musician, he’s a very dynamic musician, he projects himself very well. I mean, when he plays, he’s really full of energy and he’s got a lot of kind of showmanship and kind of energy that protrudes off the stage and right into people’s hearts and souls. So I would like to think that it’s a good collaboration,” he added.

Overall, it was definitely an energetic performance from both Metallica and Lang Lang as that performance simply entertained the crowd, who have been anticipating it. Making things more special, their performance on that night was being presented by 30 Seconds to Mars’ lead vocalist, Jared Leto. For those who missed out on checking out the Trash Metal act’s collaborative act, performing ‘One’, they can can simply checked out the video for it below.

Video of Metallica performing ‘One’ with Lang Lang at 2014 Grammy Awards:


Also checked out Metallica’s ‘One’  live video which being featured in their ‘Through The Never ‘ concert film:

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