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New Music Video: Soulfly Premiering ‘Bloodshed’

New Music Video: Soulfly Premiering 'Bloodshed'

New Music Video: Soulfly Premiering ‘Bloodshed’

Exciting news arrived for metal music lovers, especially those who are fascinated by Soulfy as they have just premiered a new music video for their latest single titled ‘Bloodshed’. The new clip saw combination scenes of those rockers performing their track along with a war related story which sort of depict the days of civil war, which that classic weapons and soldiers’ uniform. It’s a pretty interesting video, which try to describe the band’s message on their track.

‘Bloodshed’ itself is the track opener for their latest album, “Savages” which consist of 10 songs in total with two additional bonus tracks for limited – edition CD and 2LP vinyl releases. This track is another death metal type which should quenched the thirst of those genre’s fans, especially Soulfly devotees who are keen on enjoying another piece of the band after their 2012 release, “Enslaved”. Making things more special, on all of the tracks for the new record, fans can already heard Zyon Cavalera’s drum skills, which brought nothing but joy for lead vocalist who is also his father, Max Cavalera.

Complete track listing for “Savages“:

01. Bloodshed (feat. Igor Cavalera)
02. Cannibal Holocaust
03. Fallen (feat. Jamie Hanks)
04. Ayatollah Of Rock ‘N’ Rolla (feat. Neil Fallon)
05. Master Of Savagery
06. Spiral
07. This Is Violence
08. K.C.S. (feat. Mitch Harris)
09. El Comegente (feat. Tony Campos)
10. Soulfliktion

Two bonus tracks for Limited-edition CD and 2LP vinyl bonus tracks:

11. Fuck Reality
12. Soulfly IX

Here is the Official Music Video for Soulfly’s ‘Bloodshed':

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