Music View: Mr. Big's New Music Video 'Everybody Needs a Little Trouble'

Mr. Big photo credit William Hames


Three years after releasing their latest record, “The Stories We Could Tell” back in 2014, US rock maestro, Mr. Big are set to launch their new album entitled “Defying Grafity”, scheduled for a release on July 7 this year. Ahead of that upcoming outing, the foursome have already premiered their first music video for the single called 'Everybody Needs a Little Trouble', which can be viewed in Frontiers Music's offical youtube page. Previously, the record company also teased music fans by unleashing an audio stream from another single of the rockers, titled '1992'.


Viewing the new clip, it's basically being crafted in a similar concept as their previous videos under Frontiers as for 'Everybody Needs a Little Trouble' fans will mostly see the band rocking out their tune in a fine looking studio. Throughout the MV, there's no additional story being features as it's pretty much like watching Mr. Big live performance while playing their latest track. The main difference from their last few videos is mainly on the addition of drummer Matt Starr, who has been touring and recording with the band alongside their original drum guy, Pat Torpey. As many already know, Torpey was diagnosed with Parkinson few years back, but still being tapped as main member of the group while Star plays his part.


Despite having a simple concept, overall the clip is quite satisfying for viewing, notably due to its excellent quality and just basically fits with how the band is strongly perceive, which is an excellent live musicians. The song itself is a fine rock piece with that quality guitar riffs, solos, extravagant bass playing along with top class vocal as well. There's that classic Mr. Big vibe being offered as they're putting on a technicaly quality musical display with strong rock-n roll atmosphere combined with slight bluesy feel, especially during the song's solo part as Billy Sheehan along with Paul Gilbert once again showcasing their class.


Meanwhile, previous audio release, '1992' is also a top quality song which I personally like more as it has such rockin' intro piece and pretty catchy chorus part. The track supposedly tells about Mr. Big's glory days in that year, which saw their pop-rock ballad single 'To Be With You' topping music charts in all around the world. Moreover, the rockers also shared about how things went on with their record label at that time which seemingly forgot about them after they are not considered cool anymore. Gilbert stated that he wrote the track in his home at Portland, Oregon, before eventually sharing it with his band mates during their live recording process. It's definitely an enjoyable track and notably offering huge promises for fans who are waiting for the band's upcoming release, “Defying Grafity” which will be reviewed here at this site sometime soon.


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For now, enjoy the music video from Mr. Big's new single 'Everybody Needs a Little Trouble':




Here is the official audio track for Mr. Big's '1992' :