Album View: Joey Stuckey's Exciting New Album "In the Shadow of the Sun"



Physical limitations never seems to stop musicians from creating and producing music, just like what Joey Stuckey has been doing all of this years. The blind guitarist/musician never let his blindness stop him from doing the things he really love, which is playing music. Starting out his recording journey since 1995, Joey continue to entertain music fans with the release of his new record entitled “In the Shadow of the Sun”. Receiving its official release on March 29, 2019, the album is an interesting one as Joey set it up in such unique way by crafting two versions of the songs, mono and stereo.


On the new album's digital version there's in total of 10 songs being introduced, but half of them are basically another version of the official songs (the mono and stereo). Originally Joey recorded eight songs only for the album, but just five of them made available on the digital setup. Among the eight tracks mentioned, the guitarist wrote five original ones along with three rendition of classic songs such as, 'Domino' (from Van Morrison), 'Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues' (Danny O'Keefe) and 'Whipping Post' (The Allman Brothers). The ones that can be enjoyed via online music setup are those who the guitarist's wrote on his own, while the rendition tracks are available on the CD version.


Meanwhile, the originally written tracks starts with 'You're So Wrong', an interesting track with that pop-rock kind of feel from start from finish with such nice bluesy sounding guitar solo. This song somewhat voicing out anger and disappointment in a light and more 'happy' kind of way, making it very interesting indeed. 'Ain't It Good to Be in Love' was a song that the guitarist originally released on 2017, be decided to re do it with some new additions. From the exciting brass section delivered in fine fashion from Al Chez's trumpet up to 30 children choir, simply giving out such majestic vibe. 'Trouble Come in Threes' offers a lovely mixed of that bluesy-rock and roll element with fine riffs, solos and vibe. Randal Bamblett's involvement in this track certainly adding certain dimension with his excellent keyboard playing which blends really well along side Joe's guitar feel.


'Still Me Still Free' is another original song that brings out the guitar virtuoso's fine musical technique along with excellent song writing. The nice 60s- 70s atmosphere being brought in with the guitar and other instruments simply create a certain kind of feel for those listening to it. Next song originally written by the guitar virtuoso is a track called 'Trust Is a Misty Mountain' that was actually first written by Joey way back in the 90s but never got recorded. The musician's blues-rock element with slight pop addition are still strong in this track, but there's actually that 90s music feel to it. The virtuoso's classic songs' rendition are all being played in such excellent manner, providing his takes without losing much of the original tracks' characters. Those who really want to check all of the tracks along with its classic tracks' rendition, should definitely get their hands of this intriguing new album.


Overall, Joey once again managed to record such exciting music that won't only be enjoyable for rock fans, but also those who enjoy other genres as well. The light and fun element that he somewhat presented is his songs are very exciting. It's an enjoyable rock record which can easily attract attention from fans of other genres as well. So, those who are looking for some exciting rockin' music that blends classic and modern in such excellent way.


Track listing for Joey Stuckey's new album “In the Shadow of the Sun”:


CD Version

You're So Wrong; Domino; Ain't Good to be In Love; Good Time Charlie; Troubles Come In Threes; Still Me Sane and Free; Truth Is a Misty Mountain; Whippin Post; You're So Wrong (Clean-Radio Edit version). (the remaining half are all of those tracks' Mono version)


Online Version

You're So Wrong, Ain't Good to be In Love, Troubles Come In Threes, Still Me Sane and Free, Truth Is a Misty Mountain. (the remaining half are the Mono version of those tracks).


Official release date: March 29, 2019

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