Album View: Freddie Nelson's Solo Record "Shake The Cage"



Breaking into the international music scene with his collaboration with guitar virtuoso, Paul Gilbert in an exciting rock record entitled “United States”, Pittsburgh based rock musician, Freddie Nelson, decided to start his solo venture. Starting it out since 2015, Nelson finally managed to release his debut album called “Shake The Cage”, which received its official outing on July 7, 2017. On his new record, the singer/songwriter/guitarist crafted 11 tracks that can bring plenty excitement for music lovers all around the globe, notably those who are fans of rock music.


For those who already know Nelson's previous work, they certainly can expect that strong vocal quality along with intriguing guitar play from him on his latest release. Straight from the start, fans will immediately experience those two major qualities the rocker possess as his opening track, 'Turn You On' offers that energetic hard rock piece with fine arrangement, riffs along with rockin' vocals. 'Hey Doll' brought that slight ballad/pop rock sense from the rocker, though it still being arranged with heavy distortion, creating a rather nice blend that should attract many music lovers from different genre. A Queen like approach can be felt strongly through 'Light' as that big opera like rock with catchy ballad feel set to take its listener into a dreamy moment.


'Never Fight Alone' brings out another bright vibe with a strong energy and seemingly positive message, such an uplifting track which also offer fine musical arrangement. 'Keep Running' has a darker kind of atmosphere with that intriguing guitar riffs on its intro part added with the slight alternative vibe being blend due to the minor/diminished chord progression. Another fun enjoyable feel can be heard from 'Let You Go' that might triggered music lovers' memory to Beatles like rock stuff, certainly something that can bring everyone back into that old memory lane. A much slower rock ballad piece being offered on 'The Show', especially during the intro and early verse part of that track. The slide guitar riffs added, certainly brings out a slightly different feel compared to other songs on Nelson's new album.


'All Night Long' has an exciting and fun riffs, while a strong vocal display with sweet acoustic rock ballad experience can be heard on 'Monster In My Room'. The final song on “Shake The Cage” is a rock and roll track titled 'For Those Who Die', another song with fun riffs and catchy chorus part, simply a fitting ending for this fine album. Overall, Freddie Nelson's solo debut is an exciting, intriguing and fascinating rock album that will bring plenty of joy for music lovers, even those who might not be a big fan of this genre. The rocker's excellent musicality combined with his song writing ability certainly able to deliver quality tracks without giving away that ear catchy element often happens in many solo works.


Having an excellent musical relationship with music maestro such as Paul Gilbert surely brings many positives things from Nelson, but the rocker proves that his own musical quality deserved further recognition, in which he showcased through is latest album. Although the working process for “Snake The Cage” took quite a while due to his busy works, but the Pittsburgh native was able to regain that focus and eventually delivering such fine art work which certainly won't disappoint many rock fans out there.


Full track listing for Freddie Nelson's “Shake The Cage”:


01.Turn You On
02.Hey Doll
04.Never Fight Alone
05.Keep Running
06.Let You Go
07.My Girl
08.The Show
09.All Night Long
10.Monster In My Room
11.For Those Who Die


Album's official release date: July 7, 2017.


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