Album View: Green Knuckle Material's "Renaissance"


Incorporating alternative rock, pop, funk and rap might not be a ground breaking thing in today's music era, but combining those genres are often the recipe for fun and exciting stuff. Something that most likely swerving on the minds of Bergen County based rockers, Green Knuckle Material, with the release of their new album “Renaissance”, which was officially outed on December 9, 2017. Consisting mainly of five members, Scatterbrain PG (rap vocals), Young Dan (acoustic guitars/ lead vocals), D-String (bass guitars/vocals); Mudd Dog (electric/lead guitars) and The Hawaiian (drums), they collaborated their musical ideas which resulted in five tracks for their latest EP.

The rockers kick start their album with 'Lullaby', which is a lovely track with strong pop rock vibe that's being blend with rap elements in between. It's certainly a very unique and interesting mix as unlike some rap rock bands, GKM put on some serious effort on their non rapping elements, notably on melodies, composition and hooks. 'Soon As' offer a more alternative and funk approach musically to with their rap rock basic, creating a more energetic song with lots of groove and creativity. Another piece with fine composition and musically strong enough to showcase the band's talent in writing along with composing. Meanwhile, a more heavy sound with straightforward rock vibe can be heard from 'Hole' which despite rather short, still quite interesting track to check out from this rockers.


Another fine acoustic rap/pop-rock combo comes from 'For the First Time', sweet melodies with catchy hooks that's timely blend with the rap touch makes it a very pleasing and enjoyable piece to tune in. 'Pictures' is chosen as they final song for the band's new EP and it's very fitting with the versatile mix of that rap, alternative pop-rock along with slight ska element being blend in such excellent manner. The band continue to show their strong musical talent, notably in their timely arrangement of songs as they certainly craft such interesting style of their own. In all, Green Knuckle Material's new release “Renaissance”, might just be a renaissance for rap rock genre as they certainly brought their own approach for that genre by implementing more melodic stuff aside from just hard rocking sounding. It's an interesting record that can find its way into this current modern era without losing any of their musical creativity and style.


Full track listing for Green Knuckle Material's New Album “Renaissance” :


Track List:
1. Lullaby
2. Soon as
3. Hole
4. For the First Time
5. Pictures


Official release date : December 9, 2017

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