Music View: Sinoptik's New Single 'Standalone Syndrome'


Following their success on winning the 2016 Global Battle of the Bands in Germany, Ukraine based Stoner Rockers, Sinoptik, decided to wrap 2017 with a brand new single titled 'Standalone Syndrome'. The latest track was officially released on November 30, 2017, giving enough time for rock lovers to embrace and enjoy it before 2018 starts. Aside from participating on that contest, the rockers have also been busy promoting their 2016 release, “Interplanet Overdrice” by performing in many major events along with internationally well known bands such as, Maryln Manson, Uriah Heep, Evanescene, Within Temptation, Scorpions and many more. After those long tours and gigs experience, this European rocking trio are keen on reinventing their music, thus triggering the work and release of their latest single.


'Standalone Syndrome' itself is very strong stoner rock piece, which masterfully integrating that heavy hard rocking sound with psychedelic element into one fine track. From intriguing and fun guitar riffs, cool drum beats strong vocal display along with fine arrangement, the band certainly manage to craft an exciting music for every rock enthusiasts out there. Accompanying the single, Sinoptik also premiered a music video via their official youtube channel back on September 4, 2017. The clip itself was mostly footage of the band rockin out during their live shows shot by Oleg Rooz in such fine fashion as despite being relatively simple concept it was still worth watching.


Sharing more stories about the song, Sinoptik stated that 'Standalone Syndrome' is basically the personal struggle that we usually struggle in trying to be themselves when facing reality of life. Moreover, the track also keen on telling that despite having problems in achieving our aims, we will eventually find the strength to move forward from those who are close to us. Basically a deep and motivational song that urge people not to easily give up when facing difficulties and try not to close themselves from help along with supports from others. Already formed since 2011, Dmitriy Afanasiev-Gladkykh ( Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Dmitriy Sakir ( Bass ) along with Victor Gerchev ( Drum ) are still as determined as ever in writing music and getting in to all the rock fans in every corner of the world.


Band : Sinoptik

Single title: 'Standalone Syndrome'

Official Release date : November 30, 2017.

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Check out and enjoy the official music video for Sinoptik's new single 'Standalone Syndrome':