Paul Gilbert Introduced Ibanez PGM miKro


Guitar virtuoso, Paul Gilbert is well known with his strong tie with Ibanez and they never stop crafting new stuff for guitar heads, including their latest PGM signature series called PGMM31 or PGM miKro. This latest setup is basically a micro version of Gilbert's special model (PGM) which is specifically targeted for younger guitarists or players who have smaller fingers. The Ibanez miKro doesn't just have a smaller body, but also shorter scale neck, that certainly provide much looser string that can make bending much easier. Albeit being a mini version of the original PGM, it doesn't mean that the new series is nothing but a toy, as the Mr. Big axeman himself proved how playable it is ever for his size.

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Joe Satriani Unleashed Ibanez JS2450 Muscle Black Car

Guitar maestro, Joe Satriani and Ibanez recently released a new signature series of the maestro, which is called JS2450MCB. The MCB on that name tag is a short name for Muscle Car Black which basically representing the guitar's color and finishes. It's quite intriguing an interesting design indeed, albeit the basic is pretty much Satch's natural JS signature model, but this new model somewhat have that badass aura, which might also be suitable for hard rock or metal players.



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