Album View: NYDTyson Debut EP "If You're Smart, Why Are You So Sad?"



Rock music never stops attracting and inspiring new musicians to continue on the genre's legacy such as LA based garage rockers, NYDTyson. Having just formed in 2016, this duo consisting of Nick Campbell along with Eric Radloff, didn't waste much time to put their creative minds and unleash their debut EP entitled “If You're So Smart, Why Are You So Sad?” on December 8, 2017. Originally came from the same band called Bear Attack, both Eric and Nick seemingly shared the same passion in transmitting their musical talent in such garage/indie rock with strong punk vibe mixed into one unity. In an early attempt to introduce their music, the rock duo came up with five exciting tracks, in which they hope can charm many music fans from all over the globe.


The lead track from their debut release is 'Egg', a creative indie rock track with that unique alternative elements being implemented early on and eventually combined with heavier sound along with that punk like pace. That song somewhat shows the band's creativity and unique musical approach that can be such strong point in getting affection of today's music lovers.'What Did You Say' started off with a pretty fun sounding riffs and it also has that high energy pop punk atmosphere that blends it nicely with the basic indie/garage setup.'Neanderthal' brings out that classic late 70's rock sound with some nice riffs and hooks creating a sort of rebellious and angry mood. Definitely another interesting color that also indicates the rocking duo's musical versatility along with obvious talent.


A more pop-alternative kind of vibe can be felt from 'Who Cares' as at brings out that unique arrangement, soft and slow pace with mysterious atmosphere that blends well with the dramatic lyrics. This track also shows that emotional side of the band, a very positive reminder indeed about their strong potential in crafting deep and melodic songs, without losing much or even any of their creative approach. Another pop rock piece is being offered on the album's final track 'I Think We Both Know' which also implement a strong melodic ballad feel that can easily brings music over wandering in their thoughts while listening to the tune. Such a lovely piece of song that can just melts anyone with the passionate vocals display, comforting music arrangement and not to mention some fun instrumental add -on in the end of that track. Overall, “If You're Smart, Why Are You So Sad?” is an intriguing creative indie rock album with several different elements being blend in from punk to pop alternative creating such fun but short musical journey. Nevertheless, it's an interesting record that introduce the band's sound along with potential if they continue to grow and make more albums in the future.


Full track listing for NYDTyson's Debut Album “If You're Smart, Why Are You So Sad?” :


1. Egg
2. What Did You Say?
3. Neanderthal
4. Who Cares?
5. I Think We Both Know


Official release date: December 8th, 2017.

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